Tanya Anisimova

Anticipating a new concert program by the amazing duet of cellist Tanya Anisimova and pianist Lydia Frumkin, I never doubt that I will experience joyful satisfaction. This certainty bases itself in both artists’ talents, in their gifts, honed by the excellent Russian performance school in their youth and enriched later in life by music making in various countries. It also follows from both artists’ complete immersion in the essence of musical works which they interpret while successfully avoiding all the temptations of a quick yet superficial impression. Merely a few musical phrases suffice to reveal both artists’ individuality. Tanya’s powerful artistic personality shows itself not only in her interpretation of works from different epochs and styles but also in her own compositions. Creative certainty and truthfulness, combined with focus of thought and emotion, induce listeners to submit to her will. Lydia’s strength lies in psychological sensitivity, the diversity and the sophistication of nuance, and aristocratic emotional restraint. When, together with their individual views on life and on art, masters unite in an ensemble, an additional dramatic tension arises. Unexpectedly, even well-known classics sound fresh, as if coming to life for the first time. And this duet’s art always exerts the appeal of what Goethe called 'das ewig Weibliche'—the eternal feminine.

Professor Mikhail Byalik
Music Critic
St. Peteresburg - Hamburg

following the "Beethoven –The Deaf Genius The Cassandr Of Classical Music" concert at Blue House Studio 18th Oct. 2020