Tanya Anisimova

This is the last day of the 2016th! No, this time, the year did not go quickly. Might be because it was interspersed with a few memorable events and some valuable realizations. Let's say a proper Good Bye to it!

Feeling grateful for many reasons. Students, both domestic and international, are doing well. Concerts are being successful. Composing and painting are coming along. Still, there is more, which may not quite be able to pinpoint.

A crystallization, of what? Do not know. An outcome is rather surprising. There is no nervous hopefulness, cross your fingers/hold your breath feeling about the New Year. Instead, there is something like "come what may - will put it to work!"

Are we the listeners or the speakers? When we perform or silently read music, do we hear it or pronounce it in our mind? In what form does music exist when it is not being played? Or is it forever resounding in the memory of the universe? Does music only come to life when we start playing it? Sufis believe musical pitches to be eternal souls waiting to manifest with the performer’s touch. OM....

Wishing you all the inspiration you can take and the worthwhile twelve months ahead!
Happy New Year!