Tanya Anisimova

Music is the universal language. Within this language there are myriads of dialects, such as Brahmsian dialect, Chick Corean dialect...

I am among those lucky ones who are familiar with Krashian dialect. Perhaps, after listening to this excerpt of Jessica Krash’ new cello concerto you will want to learn more of her language.

It was a very special day when Dr. Krash showed me the first draft of her new cello concerto. After looking at the score, I immediately recognized certain characteristics, ample musical features, which had become known to me through the years of being friends and working with Jessica. The process of perfecting the piece was continuing for a few months. At this stage, a single feeling predominates: this piece must be heard in its orchestral version!

To me, there is freshness in this piece; there is an expressiveness of motherly love, which blends harmoniously with coolness of the American Jazz; and then there is humor that is unmistakably Krashian. How interestingly the plot unfolds! I encourage the listener to go over this audio recording more than once in order to catch the details, which may escape them on the first hearing.

An excerpt presented here is Dr. Krash’s own cello-piano reduction of the piece, which the composer and the scribe recorded last week at The Blue House Productions. Mastering and sound engineer: Jeff Gruber.

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