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Cellist, Composer, Artist

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SHEET MUSIC SALES - new titles added and new lower prices
Current titles include original works Farela, Icelandic Ballad for cello and pianoCaravan for two cellos, Cynthia for flute and cello, TEACHER (for 9 cellos), ADONAI for cello and string orchestra and for solo cello: Sufi SuiteSeptember 11, Homage to Janos Starker and Homage to Sviatoslav Knushevitsky.
Also my arrangements for solo cello of JS Bach's Chaconne, Marin Marais' La Folia and Leyenda by Issac Albeniz.
Over the coming weeks and months new titles will be added.
If the work you would like to purchase is not currently listed please contact me directly.

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Two new reviews from Fanfare Magazine and Voix-Des-Arts of Tanya's recording of Jessica Krash's "Delphi - What The Oracle Said".

krash past made perfect album cover art

Named Record of the Month, April 2018 by Voix des Arts. Purchase the CD via the publisher Albany Records.
Also available via other CD retailers.

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New Gallery added of the concert at Blue House Studio with guitarist Matthew Palmer - go to gallery

Article added by Lydia Voronina.
"Musical Sound as Substance and Transcendence.
Tanya Anisimova and Matt Palmer, cello and guitar ensemble:
from making the instrument’s sounding palpable to thinking about what makes music musical."

Benefit Concert for Martin Versluys on Jun 19th 2017 - feedback and photos

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